Clint Arthur Testimonial

Clint Arthur Testimonial


To Preserve the Families Assets & Protect those assets from all sorts of dangers.

We take care of the needs of wealthy families. Preserve the Families Assets & Protect those assets from all sorts of dangers while increasing the Families Assets & Wealth.

Business owners think differently than someone who has been an employee all of their life.

Old Money – This is where wealth is in the genes

New Money – People who have a rapid increase in wealth with high entrepreneurial energy (Millennials’ for example).

They are all very different from Heirs.

Our job is to preserve the family assets & protect it from all sorts of dangers. To maintain a family fortune over several generations is incredibly complex and difficult. Some threats to the preservation of the families assets is simply being divided up through inheritance, Wealth disputes, from Expropriation, Wars, or from simple stupidity.

Most families will have one if not all these types of events happen to them. Only a handful have been able to stay afloat more or less for Centuries. But those right at the top have successfully switched out again and again.

This success should be your legacy that will last into perpetuity.

It does not matter where you are located geographically. Establishing and creating the best Family Office Structure is the key for generational wealth.

For example: If you live in Germany all your contacts, inner circle of friends, and your Network is where you live and do business. Why would you leave that all behind to move to another country like Switzerland which may be and potentially is perceived as a better jurisdiction for taxation? But at what price. Losing that network, the contact of your family and lifelong friends? That is NOT necessary. We specialize in solving these problems.

We work with people from all over the world. There is not a need to uproot your entire life. With our firm, we will present options that are available and you can stay where you are.

The key is to have Safety, Stability, Security, and complete Freedom of Movement of your assets and money. No matter where you are in the world today and in the future.

Nelson Rockefeller famously said, “The secret to success is to own nothing, but control everything.”

This is what we do for the people we work with. What we do is NOT New. In fact, it has been in existence for more than 100+ years. Granted it might be new to you because you were not made aware until now.

Contact us today let us see if we are a good fit to do business together.



Years of experience: 25+
Position: Founder & CEO

Mr. Counts established TRUSTEE & FINANCIAL SERVICES L.L.C. to provide personal & business structures for entities that normally would not be in a position to take advantage of these very specific strategies. He provides the leadership and forward thinking that have got us this far.


Years of experience: 10
Position: Client Relations

Before joining TRUSTEE & FINANCIAL SERVICES L.L.C., Courtney worked for several international companies and the federal government in Europe and Africa. She brings a wealth of experience to the client relations team.

Jimmy “JIM” Kim

Years of experience: 5
Position: Client Relations

Mr. Kim has a wealth of experience helping both small business and large industries improve business performance.
He also has over 5 years of business evaluations to analyse the current structure and operations to identify what changes need to be made to best effect the bottom line for the company.


Years of experience: 8
Position: Client Relations

Aaron started with us as junior consultant, went on to become full consultant, and has since grown into the manager of a successful client services team.

“Trustee & Financial Services L.L.C. delivered everything they promised. Today we enjoy greater success because of our ability to reinvest back into our business. We have been able to expanded our market share. Cash flow levels are at an all-time high! All of this was from the same money that we saved from taxes that we "legally" did not have to pay.” Dana Smith

CEO, PomPoms Forever LLC

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