Effects of the “I HAVE ARRIVED SYNDROME” and the tax liability that comes with that effect.

• Published on February 27, 2017
Richard Counts
Founder & Trustee at Trustee & Financial Services LLC

How many times have you met someone that was a very knowledgeable, competent & humble, professional? Later to find out they have this sense about themselves because of closing one or two deals. They made a little money and then one day, they awaken from a completely different bed or the different side of the bed anyway and stop being a man or woman they were less than 12 hours previously. For some reason, they realized they have made some decent cash and suddenly, they begin to feel this sensation of “I HAVE ARRIVED”. Not that this is a bad thing as we should all celebrate our victories as it is work well done and a great accomplishment.

However, when you can no longer be taught something new, you can no longer be informed of the facts and you can no longer be given good advice because “I HAVE ARRIVED”. Now you know everything, now you can no longer be taught anything and you certainly cannot be given good or even better great advice. All because “YOU HAVE ARRIVED”. Since “YOU HAVE ARRIVED” now you know everything! Does that remind you of anyone?

I have witnessed this with my clients over the years. The client has made great money then they change overnight. The way I see it. They are no different than they were 12 hours ago, as a man or woman as they still put their pants or panties on the same way as we do. One leg at a time.
When a client begins to demonstrate these traits, I send a note about the Effects of the “I HAVE ARRIVED SYNDROME”. Most of the time they sit back and realize they have been acting like an ASS. And they typically apologize and we move forward and everything is great. They had someone who cared enough about them to inform them of their behavior so that they do not chase away the friends that they do have. As people tend to walk away from that type of person.

On a not so rare occasion a client is so caught up in themselves that they cannot see the trees due to the forest. And they continue their path of alienating themselves from everyone. Then when they take a big hit and then want to come back as a client. Oh, yes, they left my firm as a client because “They have ARRIVED” and of course no other firm will take an arrogant client as they are far too troublesome to deal with them.

Now the previous client finds it within themselves to slightly humble themselves enough to talk to me on a personal level again. I simply ask them one question. “Did you take the advice that I gave about let’s say establishing an appropriate structure to solidify themselves from a heavy tax liability. No, I am not talking about any kind of Tax deferral system that are rampant within our current legal and financial systems. What I am talking about is a significant structure that will make them EXEMPT. Yes, EXEMPT. If this sounds like an interesting topic for a short discussion reach out to us at: Click here for the best method to contact us https://trusteefinancialservicesllc.com/contact/ Tell us that you want to discuss a tax strategy and we will try to help your situation.

I had a client who made a ton of cash. They had a tax liability of well over 40%. If they would have taken very simple and great advice, they never would have taken this huge hit. Oh, forget about the fact that they spent another 30% on BS during the time that they were going through the “I HAVE ARRIVED SYNDROME”. Now they have less than 20% left after paying their huge tax liability.
The client now wants my firm to bring everything back to where it was prior. And yes, we can do that but do I really want a client who does not listen to great advice to protect the client(s) from themselves as well as huge tax liabilities? Well, I would leave that for you to decide. Would you want to work your tail off to bring the client whole again and potentially go down the same path again?

We establish significant tax structures which in most cases 99.95% of the time the client will be 100% LEGALLY EXEMPT. Our structures are recognized globally. Every nation that is a signatory to The Hague Trust Convention Agreement acknowledges our structure. This is most likely the single most important thing you can and or could do for a client in the world. If you are a Principle to your own firm and have clients who could benefit from such legal structures, then reach out and we will be more than happy to discuss the best scenario for your client(s) to benefit the most from such structures. The timeline from beginning to end is approximately 90 days. It is best if you have a client that is in a PPP, Trade program, bullet etc. to get in touch with us while they are in the program so by the time they complete the program they will be able to keep the profits you make for them. Then you become the greatest hero to them and forever. Imagine saving the client from a 40%-60% tax liability.

Relieve them of themselves prior to them reaching the EFFECTS OF THE “I HAVE ARRIVED SYNDROME”. Now they get to keep their profits and roll into another trade with you again and you all make more money. Imagine that. We/You all do better by helping one another.

We enjoy working with competent professionals within our industry. We have a very specific Niche that we fulfill we do not try to be everything to everyone but those who can use our structures it is rather significant. And it will be very significant for your client(s) as well.
Yes, these structures are ridiculously expensive! Most people in the world cannot afford it but we have a solution for that as well. This is exclusionary. This is not for the regular person as it is cost prohibitive. For those who can afford it, it is worth every penny.

Lastly, we do not want your client as our client this is simply a service that we can provide and you can be the direct person if you are more comfortable in that scenario. There are options. And we are open to discuss these options with principals and clients only. On a case by case basis we might consider a broker but the first thing that must be brought to the table is the CIS and POF (to show validity and why the client would need such structure). We do not send data to brokers without vetting and confirming a reason to send anything to a broker. FYI – Most of the time we will not send any data to a broker. Get in touch with us at: https://trusteefinancialservicesllc.com/contact/